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The Crosspointe Cruiser Swim and Dive Team is happy to announce that we have organized a swim and dive practice program in lieu of the NVSL cancellation. We plan to begin this 7-week program on Monday, June 15th and end on Friday, July 31st. We have developed a swim/dive season to offer CP swimmers’ guidance on stroke mechanics, dive techniques, conditioning, and overall physical aquatic development. Having said that, this is going to be a very scaled down version of what our team is used to. This program will begin while Virginia is in Phase II of its reopening. This means community outdoor pools are allowed to use the pool for lap swimming, diving, exercise and instruction only, with three persons per lane and three persons per dive area. As a result of these guidelines, the Swim/Dive Team had to make the unfortunate decision to limit the athletes we can have participate, so we will not have a 6&U group this year. We recognize that this practice program will not resemble the usual fast-paced and activity packed summer swim/dive team is used to. It will provide an opportunity for our athletes to get in the water and work on their dive techniques and stroke development and provide continuity from this summer to next as we look toward the future. Please read through the details below.

Program Dates

June 15, 2020 – July 31, 2020

Practice Schedule

Swim and Dive Team will run practices with the following schedule:

6:45am - 7:30am   Session A - 45 min

7:40am - 8:25am   Session B - 45 min

8:35am - 9:20am   Session C - 45 min

9:30am - 10:15am   Session D - 45 min

The schedule is subject to change should the team reps feel the need to change based on State health recommendations or pool logistical requirements.


Registration fee is $150 per swimmer and $166 per diver.

Registration will be limited to 96 swimmers and 24 divers on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration will be open to athletes who will be age 8 by July 1, 2020 up through 18 years old, and proficient 7 year olds with approval from the Coach or Team Rep.  Registrants must be regular or associate members of the Crosspointe pool in good standing.

Registration link:


Or via the Crosspointe Cruisers website at http://www.cpcruisers.com/

​If the team fills all 96 swim and 24 dive spots, you will not be able to register your child for this program. The team will maintain a wait list via Active.com. There will be no early bird discounts, late registration fees, or pro-rated registrations this year. Registration will be ongoing until full.

Parents must register an athlete separately for dive and swim. Unlike years past there is no swim/dive combo option. Upon registration, parents will list a preference for which practice group they want their swimmer to participate. Under a separate dive registration, parents will select a specific dive group. The Head Swim Coach will do his best to assign swimmers to one of their top choice picks, paying attention to order of registration, swim ability, and safety concerns. In order to limit exposure to our swimmers, every effort will be made to assign siblings, regardless of age, to the same practice group. Parents should understand that swimmer(s) may not end up in the desired swim time slot. As soon as practice time slots are assigned, parents will be notified.

Practice Structure

​Athletes will arrive and wait outside of the pool in designated areas until the coaches allow them to enter the pool facility. Athletes are expected to wear a facemask while entering and exiting the facility. Athletes will enter the pool through the bathhouse. Parents will not be allowed inside the pool facility and will need to wait in the parking lot and monitor their own social distancing unless the parent is providing oversight of health and safety concerns as a designated parent volunteer for that session.

​Each athlete must walk into the pool ready to jump in:

Cap on (optional)

Goggles ready

Towels in hand

Bring own kick board (if required)

Full Water Bottle in hand (water bottle filler will likely be unavailable for use during phase II)

One of the coaches or a designated volunteer parent or Board members will be at the gate to ensure the swimmer is ready. If a swimmer is not prepared to begin practice, they will be sent back to their parent to assist them in getting ready. Coaches will not be allowed to assist in getting the athlete ready for practice. Athletes will be asked to confirm that their parent has completed a health screening prior to the start of each practice. Parents will be expected to take their child/children’s temperature before each practice and complete a health screening checklist found here https://www.sparrow.org/OccHealthScreening.

Swimmers will be provided a lane number by the coaches. That lane number will be their lane for the season unless the coaches or team reps decide to make changes prior to the start of practice. The swimmers will need to go directly to his or her lane and wait until the coaches instruct them to enter the water. Divers will be led to the dive area for warm up and assigned a diving area.

Once practice begins, coaches will maintain social distancing from each other and the athletes. Coaches will not be allowed to enter a swim lane or dive area that another athlete is using at the same time. Should a coach need to go in the water to provide demonstrated swim or dive instruction, the athlete using that lane or dive area will need to exit the water first.

At the end of practice, coaches will excuse one athlete at a time. If there are siblings, they can leave together. Athletes will exit through the gate.

Safety Guidelines

Coaches are not allowed to physically assist in getting the athlete ready.

No bathroom breaks: Pool bathrooms are closed except in the case of an emergency.

No changing at the pool.

No showering at the pool.

No sharing equipment or using pool equipment.

No Backpacks/Swim Bags.

Parents wait in their car or outside the pool area and should observe Social distancing protocols of 6 feet of separation.

Any athlete or coach who has a fever will not be allowed to attend practice.

Any athlete or coach who tests positive for COVID-19 or who has had direct contact with an individual testing positive for COVID-19 will follow the CDC guidelines for self-isolation.https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/if-you-are-sick/end-home-isolation.html

Is this program for all swimmers/divers?

​Registration will be open to athletes who will be age 8 by July 1, 2020 up through 18 years old. A 7-year -old child (by July 1) may also participate if they can swim across the pool unassisted, are able to follow directions without parental involvement, and have participated on the Cruisers or other swim team before. Even if your swimmer is eligible by age (8-18), this program still may not be suitable for them. Social distancing guidelines in Phase II means there will be no coaches in the water with a swimmer to provide hands on developmental instruction. Therefore, swimmers will need to be able to swim laps independently for 45 minutes without the need of a coach to be physically near them for assistance. Parents will not be allowed in the pool area during Phase II, which means swimmers will also need to be comfortable swimming for 45 minutes without having a parent nearby. A child’s ability to follow social distancing protocols and other safety rules are also very important.

Swimmers who are in the beginning stages of learning how to swim or have a difficult time treading water without assistance are not suitable for this program. The Coaches cannot evaluate each swimmer prior to registration. So, the Swim Team will have to rely on the parent to determine if their child is right for this program when registration goes live. If you are unsure if this is something your child may be suitable for, you are invited to reach out to the Swim Representatives prior to registration.


Unlike a typical summer, 20 volunteer hours per family will not be required nor will a non-volunteer fee be collected. However, any family registering their swimmer for this program will be expected to volunteer when asked. Volunteer time may be as little as 1 hour or as many as 5 or more.

For each practice session, two parent volunteers will be required to help monitor health and safety, and social distancing. One parent would be assigned to help organize waiting swimmers in the parking lot and lead them through the pool house. Another parent will help monitor and maintain social distancing and safety during practice. The coaches will also focus on social distancing, but their primary responsibility must be to focus on water safety. We will send out a sign-up genius so that parents can sign up for these volunteer positions. It is expected that each parent will attend to his duty at least once during the season or more as necessary. Only parents serving as health and safety marshals may be on the pool deck during practice.

For questions, please email cpswimteamrep@gmail.com

Crosspointe Cruisers