Crosspointe Cruisers

​​Fairfax Station, VA

The Crosspointe Cruiser Swim and Dive Team is happy to announce we will have a 2021 Swim and Dive team this year.  

Program Dates

June 1, 2021 – July 31, 2020

Practice Schedule


The schedule is subject to change should the team reps feel the need to change based on State health recommendations or pool logistical requirements.


Registration fee is $185 per athlete.  Divers will pay an additional $16 insurance fee. There is a discount for athletes who register for both swim and dive and for families with multiple athletes who register together.  

Registration link:


Or via the Crosspointe Cruisers website at

Practice Structure

​Athletes will arrive and wait outside of the pool in designated areas until the coaches allow them to enter the pool facility. Athletes are expected to wear a facemask while entering and exiting the facility. Athletes will enter the pool through the bathhouse. Parents will not be allowed inside the pool facility and will need to wait in the parking lot and monitor their own social distancing unless the parent is providing oversight of health and safety concerns as a designated parent volunteer for that session.

​Each athlete must walk into the pool ready to jump in:

Cap on (optional)

Goggles ready

Towels in hand

Bring own kick board (if required)

Full Water Bottle in hand (water bottle filler will likely be unavailable for use during phase II)

One of the coaches or a designated volunteer parent or Board members will be at the gate to ensure the swimmer is ready. If a swimmer is not prepared to begin practice, they will be sent back to their parent to assist them in getting ready. Coaches will not be allowed to assist in getting the athlete ready for practice. Athletes will be asked to confirm that their parent has completed a health screening prior to the start of each practice. Parents will be expected to take their child/children’s temperature before each practice and complete a health screening checklist found here

Swimmers will be provided a lane number by the coaches. That lane number will be their lane for the season unless the coaches or team reps decide to make changes prior to the start of practice. The swimmers will need to go directly to his or her lane and wait until the coaches instruct them to enter the water. Divers will be led to the dive area for warm up and assigned a diving area.

Once practice begins, coaches will maintain social distancing from each other and the athletes. 

Safety Guidelines

No changing at the pool.

No showering at the pool.

No sharing equipment or using pool equipment.

Parents wait in their car or outside the pool area and should observe Social distancing protocols of 6 feet of separation.

Any athlete or coach who has a fever will not be allowed to attend practice.

Any athlete or coach who tests positive for COVID-19 or who has had direct contact with an individual testing positive for COVID-19 will follow the CDC guidelines for self-isolation.

For questions, please email