Crosspointe Cruisers

​​Fairfax Station, VA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long is the summer swim and dive season?

A. The swim and dive team begin daily practices on Tuesday, June 1st. The swim team will swim five dual NVSL-sponsored meets (Saturday morning “A” meets) and five developmental meets (Monday evening “B” meets), Wednesday evening relay carnival and All-Star relay carnival meets, a Saturday morning divisional individual championship meet, and a Saturday morning All-Star Meet which finishes the season.  The dive team competes in five dual NVSL-sponsored meets (on Tuesday evenings), 3 Meter meet for advanced divers, Crackerjack meet for developmental divers; a divisional championship meet and NVSL all-star meet.  We are planning on having one to two B dive meets if all goes well, which will be Thursday evenings.  The season concludes with Divisionals and All Stars.

Q. Who is eligible to join the swim and dive team?

A.  Any Crosspointe resident or associate pool member under the age of 19 or 5 by June 1 i
s eligible to join.  To be on the swim team, swimmers must be able to swim one uninterrupted length of the pool (25 meters) freestyle by Time Trials (June 12th) or the first B Meet (June 14th).  It is advantageous to swim at least one other stroke (breaststroke, backstroke, or butterfly) although we will work on all strokes during practice.  Note: The Cruisers are a competitive swim team and are not a venue for taking swimming lessons.  If your swimmer is not a very skilled swimmer, he or she should take swimming lessons first and try the swim team later.  We expect many young swimmers this summer and we have to ensure that each swimmer is safe in the water.  Our coaching staff will spend the first few days evaluating the beginning swimmers.  If they feel that your swimmer would be safer waiting until next year, they will discuss this with you, and your registration fee will be refunded.  The Fairfax County Park Authority at South Run offers many swimming programs.

For divers, some experience is a plus, but not a must.  Coaches ensure that divers can safely complete their dives before they are allowed to use them in a competition.

Q.  What is the practice schedule?

A. Beginning Tuesday, June 1st, swim and dive practices will be held weekdays at the Glen Eagles Pool from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.  After school ends, swim practices shift to weekday mornings from 7:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. at Glen Eagles pool and 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at Oak Chase pool.  Dive practices shift to weekday mornings from 8:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. at Glen Eagles pool.  A more specific swim and dive practice schedule by age groups is on the Practice Schedule page of this website. PLEASE NOTE: The dive coach is very flexible with divers who also swim and will work out a practice schedule once the season begins for individual kids who do both and have conflicting practices. 

Q.  How are swimmers selected for the swim meets?

A.  Each week we have a Monday night “B” and a Saturday morning “A” meet. Everyone swims in the “B” meets; “A” meets are limited to three swimmers per age group (boys and girls separately) in each of the four strokes, plus relays.  Participation in the Saturday meets will be determined by the swimmer’s performance, with the head coach and team rep having the final say. The times recorded at Time Trials will be the basis for seeding the first Saturday meet.  After that, seeding will be based on the swimmer’s personal best times as recorded in either Monday or Saturday meets. Therefore, the Saturday meet lineup varies from week to week based on swimmers’ times and availability and our coaches’ strategy to field the most competitive lineup.  

Q.  Are Cruisers team suits required?

A.  Team swimsuits are not required although most members do wear them.  We are using the same team suit as last year and we encourage all swimmers to wear a team swimsuit to show their team pride.  Team caps also are not required, however, swimmers may not compete in swim caps which include the name or logo of any other team, according to NVSL rules.  Our team suits are available online at or can be purchased at SuitUp in the University Mall at 10631 Braddock Road, Fairfax.

Q. Are parents needed to help organize and run the Swim and Dive Team?

A.  Absolutely!!  A swim and dive team, particularly one as big as the Cruisers, is a very labor-intensive endeavor.  All parents involved with the team are volunteers.  Each swim family or dive family must volunteer at least 10-15 hours depending on the number of registrants in 2021.  For parents whose eldest child is a 6&U, this requirement is 5 hours.  The requirement will be updated as the season progresses.  Volunteer positions are listed on the swim / dive team registration form and there are many additional behind-the-scenes opportunities as well.  Training, if needed, is provided for all these positions so please do not hesitate to volunteer for any of them.  The Cruisers’ success depends largely on parent involvement.  Please become an active swim and dive team parent.  But don’t think it's all work and no fun!  Our swim and dive meets are great social events for kids and parents, and we know you’ll enjoy them.  And you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping your children into a sport they can enjoy and keep fit with for their entire life.  Don’t miss out!