Crosspointe Cruisers

​​Fairfax Station, VA

New Volunteer Policy for 2017

Swim and Dive meets do not happen without volunteers.  In recent years, the Crosspointe Cruisers have had significant challenges filling volunteer positions. After much consideration and deliberation, the Board unanimously passed the new volunteer policy as outlined below. We believe that it better supports families, athletes, and the team.

Prior to an athlete’s first practice, the family must submit a $250 deposit check made out to the Crosspointe Cruisers.  This check will be returned when the family earns 20 volunteer hours [Exception: 15 volunteer hours are required for families with divers only or families whose eldest or only swimmer is 6 and under].

Additionally, by July 9, 2017, families must earn 10 or more volunteer hours and be signed up for at least 10 volunteer hours for the second half of the season [Exception: for families with divers or whose eldest or only swimmer is 6 and under, 8 hours for the first half, 7 hours for the second half]. If families have not completed this requirement by July 9th, your athlete may not be permitted to participate in future swim or dive meets.

Any family that cannot complete required volunteer hours can pay to have other volunteers fulfill their requirement.  The volunteer hours should be paid at a rate of no more than $15 per hour.  These volunteer hour fees are in addition to the $250 check; once the 10 hours are met by July 9 and the remaining 10 hours are fulfilled by the end of the season, the check will be returned to the family.  All other requirements are in effect.

Families volunteering to fulfill these hours may choose to list their name on the newly implemented Volunteer Marketplace posted on the Cruiser website, to indicate that they are willing to perform volunteer hours on behalf of other families.  The family paying and earning hours is responsible for signing up, using their own name, advising the Volunteer Coordinator by email and must ensure the volunteer role is filled. All coordination is incumbent upon the families entering the agreement. Crosspointe Cruisers leadership has no role or responsibility in coordinating the transaction.  This alternative is intended to provide an option when circumstances prevent a family from fulfilling the requirement.  It keeps the responsibility on the family to fulfill the volunteer requirement and allows team leadership to maintain focus on team and meet operations.  Please note that families who choose to fulfill other families’ volunteer hours through the Volunteer Marketplace are required to complete their own 20-hour requirement by the key milestones, and additional volunteer hours performed for fee do not count towards the 20-hour requirement.  Furthermore, volunteer hours may not be transferred retroactively.

Additionally, we will divide some volunteer roles into half-meet terms, in an effort to provide families more scheduling flexibility.

 Key Milestones to Meet Your Volunteer Requirement